In Memory of King Leo
Leader of the Free World

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The word "Leo" means different things to different people. Some may identify it as the name of one of thirteen popes from Leo I in the year 440 to Leo XIII in 1878.

     For others it may mean the fifth sign of the Zodiac, related to the constellation Leo which the sun enters on July 21st. According to Wikapedia, the characteristics associated with this sign are "magnanimous, generous, hospitable,caring, warm authoritative, active and open." "Leo (astrology)." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 24 Mar 2007, 22:39 UTC. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 25 Mar 2007.

     But here at Park Place it meant only one thing - Mr. Leo, our feline mascot. He did prefer to be addressed as "King Leo, Leader of the Free World." Of course, he exhibited all the Leo qualities! We don't know how Leo came to us. As humans we referred to him as a "stray." I think he saw himself as much more free spirited than that. Perhaps he passed by asteroid b-612, or came through a looking glass or phantom tollbooth. It matters not, we were very lucky to have him choose Park Place as home.

Mr. Leo had found love in his later years - or more accurately, it had found him!  Miss Bella visitedMiss Bella, for increasingly long periods of time, from her house a few blocks away.  She is a bit younger than Leo, about two years old.  Sometimes he looked at her as she is frolicking about as if to say - "what are you doing?!"  She just carries on. 


Of course, sometimes it was hard to take his protests too seriously -Mr. Leo and Miss Bella

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